What’s the Difference Between PG & VG?

All e-juice consists of propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) base containing the nicotine and added flavoring. Deciding which PG/VG combination will create the perfect and most satisfying vape is very important. PG and VG have slightly different qualities so it’s important to understand how they’ll affect your experience. You’ll find e-liquids with various PG/VG ratios, so here’s what makes each of these base ingredients unique.


PG (Propylene Glycol) Qualities

PG is the most commonly used base ingredient – it is used in thousands of consumer products, is FDA-approved and widely considered safe. PG is very thin and tasteless and is known for producing an excellent throat hit – that burning sensation in the back of your throat when you take a vape – similar to a real cigarette. Because it doesn’t have any taste, it doesn’t affect the e-liquid flavoring and people often associate it with more flavorful and accurate-tasting vapes. In addition, it’s thinner quality means that it’s more easily absorbed by the polyfill inside e-cigarette cartomizers. The low density also means that it won’t build up on the heating element or wicks as fast as VG-rich e-liquids.

On the downside, propylene glycol doesn’t produce quite as much vapor as vegetable glycerin. And a small percentage of people have mild allergic reactions to PG, such as rash or upset stomach, so these people are generally forced to choose VG as an alternative.


VG (Vegetable Glycerin) Qualities

Like PG, vegetable glycerin is FDA approved and widely considered safe, but rather than being chemically produced in a lab it’s 100% natural – derived from vegetable/plant oils. Because of it’s thicker nature, VG tends to produce thicker and more satisfying clouds of vapor than PG-based e-liquids. It’s thicker quality also means that it will build up more quickly on your vaping gear, requiring more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Unlike PG which is odorless and tasteless, VG has a slightly sweet aftertaste that may or may not impact the overall flavor. Although it’s usually overpowered by the other ingredients, it may slightly alter the intended taste of your e-liquid, so it’s not quite as accurate as PG.


Which PG/VG Ratio is Best for Me?

We blend our juices in the most common PG/VG ratios – 50/50, 70/30, 30/70 and 100% PG or 100% VG. If you prefer more flavor and a stronger throat hit, then higher PG e-liquid will probably suit you well, but if you prefer more vapor and less throat hit, then VG may be a better fit. The only way you’ll know which PG/VG ratio is right for you is to do some experimentation. If you’re unsure, start out with a balanced mix of both PG and VG 50/50 and adjust to find your perfect blend. If you do not see your preferred blend listed, please contact us at sales@seattlevaporco.com and we would be more than happy to blend to your request.


Other Factors to Consider – Flavor & Nicotine

Just like determining the right PG/VG mix, you’ll need to do some experimentation to figure out which flavors are the most appealing for you. Taste is extremely subjective from vaper to vaper. Just because you really enjoy coffee, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll enjoy vaping coffee flavors. Seattle Vapor Co offers many different sizes so you may try smaller bottles before purchasing larger quantities.

In regards to nicotine, you can often determine how much you need by evaluating the cigarettes you smoked prior to vaping. Heavy smokers who smoke full-flavored cigarettes often need 24mg or higher to create a satisfying experience with e-liquids. Not only does more nicotine satisfy stronger cravings, but it also generates a deeper and more satisfying throat hit, more closely replicating the feel a full-flavored cigarette. Moderate smokers with milder cravings should consider 12mg or 18mg, and light smokers usually prefer 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. One of the beautiful things about electronic cigarettes is your ability to lower your nicotine consumption over time, so you can slowly reduce your nicotine level as you move forward with vaping.