Storing E-liquid

How to Store Your E-liquid

There are many views on this, but in general, you should store the bottles in a dry, and cool spot away from sunlight. Either in a medicine cabinet, dark cupboard or even in a cool dark garage. Light seems to cause whatever is in the juices to deteriorate quicker, so placing them in a dark spot in your cabinet should help slow down the oxidation process. Remember to always keep you e-liquids away from children and animals.

Summer Vaping Tips

When the heat of summer hits, there are some adjustments you should make when vaping to ensure your vaping experience remains satisfying and safe.

Bearing in mind that personal vaporizer and mod batteries pack a lot of energy in what is a very small and confined space; as with other devices containing lithium based batteries, it's really important not to leave your vaporizer in the car during the hot weather or out in the blazing sun.

Something you should particularly avoid is charging batteries in a hot car using the car's USB socket or a cigarette lighter adapter.

Aside from the safety aspect, extreme heat can also significantly shorten the life of a battery. 

Also pay special attention to monitoring charging batteries during the hotter months.

The warmer weather also means eliquids will tend to thin a little; so if you're using a variable voltage device, you might find it beneficial to drop down the voltage. For example, with VV batteries, if you usually run them on a (3.7v) setting, try them on a (3.2v) setting on really hot days.

Also ensure that all threaded components on tanks and clearomizers are properly connected and appropriately tightened as when eliquids thin, eliquid delivery systems are more prone to leaking.

Another tip - as liquids expand when heated; if you're filling up your clearomizers or tanks in the morning when it's cool, use a little less than you usually would to avoiding the dreaded gurgles as the day heats up; particularly if you're not going to be using the clearo until later in the day.

Generally speaking, try to keep your bulk eliquids in a reasonably cool, dark place as much as possible and store your spare batteries similarly.

Excessive heat can cause your e-liquids to over steep as well as altering the flavors, do not leave your juice in a the car during the summer heat.

Proper strorage of e-liquids during the summer heat will be the best way to keep your juices tasting fresh and consistent.