E-liquid Steeping 101

E-Liquid Steeping 101

Some of you may have, or may not have, heard of steeping your e-liquid.

The definition of Steeping is –‘ Soak (food or tea) in water or other liquid so as to extract its flavor or to soften it: “the chilies are steeped in olive oil”’ So when discussing steeping your e-juice – it is all about extracting more flavor.

Say you’ve just made a big pot of spaghetti sauce with fresh ingredients. Fresh Tomatos and Peppers, Fresh Garlic, etc.. It’s pretty good right away, but if you let it simmer on the stove for many hours, then let it sit in the fridge overnight, the next day you can definitely tell that the flavors have combined together to produce a much more flavorful sauce. This is exactly what happens to your e-liquid.

Storage is important. To keep your e-liquid in the best condition it is advised to keep it at average room temp and out of direct sunlight. Some connoisseurs suggest basement/cellar temperatures, having discovered that tobacco flavors become darker, richer and more intense over time when stored underground.

Seattle Vapor Co's recommended steeping method is to shake the bottle as vigorously as possible for 1-2 minutes and than place in a cool dark cupboard for 3-9 days with the cap on. Some people will tell you to leave the cap off while your juice sits but you would only want to do this with very perfumey/unpleasant smelling liquids which we here at Seattle Vapor Co would not make or sell.

A simple method of steeping that many of you probably do without even thinking is giving the bottle a good shake before you use it. Some prefer to swirl the liquid around the bottle, but whichever method you choose you are in effect making sure that the ingredients are evenly distributed in the e-liquid. The heavier particles fall to the bottom of the bottle when it is not in use. Swirling and shaking loosens up the heavier particles, and creates a more even and stronger flavor.

Here is a quick way to steep your e-liquid. Boil some water and place it in a bowl, allowing it to cool for a few minutes. Too hot and it will actually soften your bottle and deform it. Place your bottle of e-liquid in it and leave it there until the surrounding water is room temp. Shake it vigorously and you’ve got a partially steeped bottle of e-juice.

Seattle Vapor Co's Platinum and Oak Aged E-liquids are pre steeped and ready for your vaping pleasure.