Eliquid Mixing

Instructions for adding flavor concentrates to SVC Unflavored E-liquid Base

ALWAYS use proper caution when mixing E-liquids.

Please only use food grade, non-oil based, water soluble flavor concentrates in your e-liquid. Below are the instructions for adding your own flavoring concentrate to our SVC unflavored e-liquid.

  1. Add 3.75ml of flavor concentrate into the provided empty 30ml bottle.
  2. Fill the rest of the 30ml bottle with the unflavored e-liquid.
  3. Add 11.25ml of flavor concentrate to the remaining unflavored e-liquid in your 120ml bottle.
  4. Replace caps and shake your bottles for a few minutes each.
  5. Since these will be freshly made juice they will need to steep. Place them in a drawer or dark cabinet for 7-14 days. Take them out every couple of days and shake them. *You can use the e-liquid right away, but you will get the best flavor after the steeping process*

Recommended Flavoring amounts per bottle size

30ml bottle- 3.75ml of flavoring

60ml bottle- 7.5ml of flavoring

120ml bottle- 15ml of flavoring

**Please Note, you can add more or less flavoring to your e-liquid these are the amounts that SVC uses in our recipes and also recommends.