DIY E-liquid Mixing

DIY Eliquid Mixing Instructions:

Mixing your own Eliquid can be a lot of fun, Once you get the basics down it can be quite simple. With all of the FDA changes we had to remove some products but have kept everything in the DIY form as well so we can still offer our full line. We have provided a simple guide here to make the mixing process easier.
We suggest flavoring at a 15% Ratio to to achieve the perfect flavor balance.
15% Concentrate Ratio: (SVC Recommended)
15ml: 2.25ml Flavor Concentrate
30ml: 4.5ml Flavor Concentrate
120ml: 18ml Flavor Concentrate
20% Concentrate Ratio: (Bolder Flavor)
15ml: 3ml Flavor Concentrate
30ml: 6ml Flavor Concentrate
120ml: 24ml Flavor Concentrate
Flavor concentrates must always be diluted with a carrier base before being used.
Do NOT ever vape a concentrate without dilution.
It is always better to start with a lower concentration and add more if necessary.
Mixing your own Eliquid gives you full control over your flavor strength.
All of our concentrates are the same flavors we use in all SVC Eliquid.
ALWAYS use proper caution when mixing DIY, Please wear gloves, eye protection and always work with a clean/sanitized work station.
USP Kosher Grade Flavoring, No added salts or sugars.