September 30th Registration

September 30th Registration

September 30th Approaching Fast

As you all may know by now as of September 30th all vapor companies must have all products registered with the FDA which they wish to continue selling.

With the high amounts of variations such as nicotine strength, pg/vg ratio, size and flavors this has been a huge task. We have put in thousands of man hours trying to get products registered. The FDA considers anytime there is a difference in the same flavor that is a new product. For example; Strawberry offered in our variations we currently offer is 50+ different products even though it is just one flavor.

With the amount of products we have had to register and all the steps we will have to continue going through we had to take a hard look through our offerings and decide what will stay and what will need to go. I want to insure you all of the top sellers have been registered however some of the sizes we had to evaluate. If a product did not make it or a blend we have made sure you will still be able to get these.

With that said, We registered an option which will allow you to get everything you used to. By ordering Unflavored E-Liquid and buying a concentrate to mix in you will still be able to receive any variation you used to. We lowered the price on both so that when going this route you will still be paying the same great price you always have. This is as easy as can be, Receive the 120ml Unflavored and concentrate. Pour concentrate into the 120ml, Shake well and you are good to go.

Unflavored E-Liquid can be found here;

Flavor Concentrates found here;

We will continue to update you as we move along.

Thank you for being a loyal customer,

Seattle Vapor Co